Digital Strategist | Creative Executive


I help people connect with people through digital video.

James is currently Director of Digital Video for National Geographic. With a deep background in all aspects of digital media, James was one of the first digitally-native, science-focused video journalists in the field just as digital was coming of age. His passion for exploring and learning about our world remains as strong as ever.

James' Digital Philosophy

The digital landscape remains extremely fluid, especially as pressure mounts from additional screens and delivery methods. Regardless of how the technology reaches viewers, a few key truths remain constant:

Authenticity: Whether it's your host, writing or producing, an authentic and passionate voice is a major key to success.

Take Risks And Evolve Quickly: The successful digital mindset requires the ability to take risks and adapt quickly based on what didn't work. Capitalizing on our failures is the only way to step forward.

Make A Difference: If you aren't trying to change the world, you aren't thinking big enough.

Data + Guts = Success: We have greater access to the details of audience demographics and data than any other time in history. Always look for signals in the data and follow your gut on how to make best use of them.



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